Nature's Wisdom: Awareness

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Nature’s Wisdom: Awareness by Nicole Levac

When I looked up the definition of awareness in various online dictionaries, these are the definitions that I found:

• knowledge or perception of a situation or fact (;
• feeling, experiencing, or noticing something (;
• knowing and understanding a lot about what is happening…around you (

From those definitions I had lots to work with for this week’s “Nature’s Wisdom” piece.

The clarity of Nature is always present and creates inspiration, understanding, vision, healing and so much more. How does it gain all this wisdom just from being and never having immediate answers or results for situations or circumstances? Nature’s clarity correlates directly with its awareness.

The awareness that is present in Nature creates self reliance for each organism. This self reliance generates interdependency (click here for article) in Nature, which in turn creates clarity for creative inspiration to survive.

Let’s take a bird as an example of this awareness. This bird is aware of itself (knowledge of fact-see definitions) This same bird is also very aware of its capacity to spread its wings, to fly, to sing, to build a nest, and whatever else birds do. It never spends any time or energy feeling shame, feeling diminished or small because it cannot run, hunt and be as ferocious as a wolf. The bird is only aware of itself and what it can do and be in its surroundings.

That bird has learned to use its self awareness to build its life in its image, to the greatest of its abilities, capabilities and capacities. It’s not envying the wolf.

The bird’s awareness of itself allows it to extend this awareness to its surroundings, its environment. By being aware of itself, it can create an experience for itself and be sensitive to its environment. Recognizing a great place to build a nest, how to get food, where to fly and when to find a mate. This is all possible because of the self awareness of the bird.

The self awareness allows that bird to adapt to its surroundings. Knowing when to migrate and understanding how to modify its behaviour to live in its surroundings. This allows the bird to survive, live and contribute to Nature in the way that only a bird can. Without getting scientific (because that is not my thing), the birds self awareness and general awareness allows for the dispersal of Nature and the pollination, to name an example. This is the bird’s part of the interdependency that is always present in Nature.

The bird’s self awareness never waivers and because of this, Nature’s interdependency is assured.

In Nature, the organisms self awareness is the key to creating the awareness of its surroundings and environment. It’s a dance between the organism and its environment that creates the beauty, the life and survival of Nature.

What part of Nature’s awareness could you integrate into your daily life? Are you able to recognize who you are without looking at your limitations or comparing yourself to someone else? Do you allow yourself to be aware of the feeling and experience that you are having of yourself and how this is contributing to your surroundings? Be like a bird, just be yourself and by doing that, you will aid your surroundings and create beauty around you that you never thought possible.

Nicole Levac

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