Courage Award For Journalism Goes To Burmese Woman

Aye Aye Win won the”Courage in Journalism” award for her job reporting on Burma while under military scrutiny.  This award is annually presented to women in journalism who “show extraordinary strength of character and integrity while reporting news under dangerous or difficult circumstances.”

Aye Aye was under constant surveillance, her house staked out by Burmese authorities and her phones also tapped.  Aye Aye used disguises to move around when needed, and showed a great amount of courage while reporting under very difficult situations.

On Oct 16, 2008  in Los Angeles as well as Oct 21, in New York –  the awards for “Courage in Journalism” will be presented.  Aye Aye Win, along with Fraida Nekzad from Afganistan and Sevjul Uludag from Cyprus will all be presented with this well deserved prize.

Living in Courage Online would like to congratulate these amazing women for their strength of character, their efforts in the strive for freedom and their amazing courage in the face of adversity and challenge.  Thank you for making this world a better place to live and showing the strength of women around the world.

Debra Oakland