Living An Authentic Life

In thinking about living an authentic life, children come to mind. They are authentic. Creating, discovering, playing and trusting…..until the outer world dictates new experiences, reshaping a child’s vision of life. As you become an adult, it can be a challenge to move out the the depths of an inauthentic life. Becoming authentic is an act of creating, shaping you into what is unique to you. Much as when you were a child, listening to the heart and acting upon it.

Children are courageous, unafraid. They explore by touching everything in site. Looking at the world for the first time is a wonderful experience that many people forget as they grow up. Children are great teachers of living an authentic life. By tearing down the walls of fear, we can live a life of courage and authenticity. You are as unique as your fingerprint. There are no two alike. You are special and have a gift to share with the world, as only you can deliver it.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online