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Resonance & Attraction – by Guest Author Margaux DeNador

When I hear the word resonance the first things that come to mind are vibration, relationships, feeling a connection with someone or something, and that we attract what we feel a resonance with.

For example, we can feel a resonance with people in our family, with friends, people we meet, and even those we haven’t met who write books and record music for us to hear, and create art we enjoy seeing.

Sound is a resonance and it is part of how I feel an attraction with the people I enjoy having in my life. I really enjoy listening to the sound of the voices of people I love. The resonance of their voices can make me feel happy, uplifted, encouraged, enlivened, and loved. What we say — but especially how we feel when we say it — matters.

I feel a resonance with people who focus on love, appreciation, and gratitude for all that is right in their life.

In my book, The Art of Living a Life You Love, I have a chapter about influence. We are greatly affected by the people in our circle of influence and we affect the people who are in ours. People we feel a resonance with, I call Kindred Spirits. They are people that seem like we’ve known forever and will know for as long as we can. Many things may change but that resonance seldom changes.

Animals can be Kindred Spirits and we can also feel a strong vibration with them — a resonance that is based on mutual attraction and of love. To feel resonance with an animal or person we must be on a similar vibration level with them. That similar vibration is what attracts us. Focus on love and appreciation and you’ll attract people who feel a resonance with you and those vibrations.

I’ve always felt a strong resonance with my Mom. She’s been what I call an Angel in the Sun for almost nine years now and I still feel her with me. I feel a resonance when I think of her, remember our fun times together, and I still hear her talking to me. She likes to answer questions I ask her before I meditate. I like to write a question, such as, “Mom, what are you telling me?” or “Mom, what do I need to know?” and then meditate for 15 minutes and after I let her answer by writing what I hear her tell me.

We are vibrational writers of the script of our life and certain people resonate with our script and are part of a mutual attraction. For example, we went to a reunion of my husband’s high school class and we felt a resonance with many of his friends, their wives, and with the dad of one of his longest and most treasured friends. The friends – and our friend’s dad – that we felt a resonance with were all vibrating with the resonance of love. They radiated a joy in living and giving and made a connection with us.

Being with people who are happy, positive, kind, and loving feels wonderful. I feel a resonance with people who choose to live in that way.

Life is full of choices and we can each make the decisions that feel right for us. When we do, we send out a vibrational resonance that attracts like-minded people, places, and animals to us.

I’ve had the experience, several times in my life, of attracting animals to me from a strong feeling of resonance. For example, we felt a strong resonance when we first saw our cat, Bender, as a kitten — first on Facebook and then at our son’s house while Bender was still a tiny kitten. We felt a resonance with him right away and told our son that if he couldn’t keep Bender, because of his living situation, that we wanted to adopt him. Bender has been with us for almost five years now and we feel the same strong resonance with him today as we did the first time we saw him.

We also felt a resonance with our friend’s cat Bonkers while we were visiting. She seemed to feel the resonance with us because she chose to spend time with us, snuggled with us, and chose to sleep with us while we were there.

As my friend, Chuck Ballinger, says, “When something resonates with me, it’s almost like a precursor to an epiphany or a striking realization. If it doesn’t resonate, the idea or concept just fades away into obscurity. So I try to pay attention to anything I hear that resonates.”

Do you feel resonance with your family members? Friends? Teachers? Mentors?

Where do you love to spend time because the resonance of the place feels so good to you?

What music resonates with you?

Resonance is a feeling that vibrates through a person, an animal, or even a place. Pay attention to the people you feel a resonance with because they are attractive to you and you are to them. If you want to feel more love, appreciation, and joy you must focus on those feelings so the resonance you radiate will attract them back to you.

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Margaux Joy DeNador is a life coach, author, teacher, and radio show host with 30 years experience in personal development and spiritual growth.

Margaux’s intentions with her book, The Art of Living a Life You Love, her coaching, and her radio show Live Your Music, are to help people all around the world love themselves, love what they do, love the world they live in, and live the music they hear calling them.

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