Resonance & Attraction

Resonance & Attraction - by Guest Author Margaux DeNador When I hear the word resonance the first things that come to mind are vibration, relationships, feeling a connection with someone or something, and that we attract what we feel a resonance with. For example, we can feel a resonance … [Read more...]

Running From the Law of Attraction

Running From the Law of Attraction By Alison Marek I'm scooping dried fava beans into a plastic bag at Whole Foods, thinking how did they convince the whole eco-minded boomer demographic to drop top dollars on produce someone in Guatemala got 3 cents a bushel to pick and, anyway, since when did … [Read more...]

Jenny Mannion's Courage to Heal

I have a friend Jenny who found the courage to heal herself of chronic pain. Here is a small bio on Jenny and  an article from Jenny's website that I know you will enjoy, about a blind boy who can see, in some ways better than you and I.  Jenny represents Living in Courage to me, so I am excited and … [Read more...]