15 Ways To Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

When we stop arguing for our limitations by re-framing our view, clarity prevails. How about living a better life, beautifully self-imposed? By affirming limitation, we add fuel to the fire. We are not here to follow one narrow path, or to live a life of overwhelm, frustration and defeat. If someone … [Read more...]

Recipe For Business Success

"The ingredients you put into your business will define what business means to you and determine the outcome of your success." - Debra Oakland Looking for a recipe for business success? As we all know in any great recipe the ingredients are everything. To create your masterpiece, using the right … [Read more...]

Wealth, Success & Love

I love this story, it is about courage and choice.  At this time many people are making new choices in many areas of their lives.  Some of these choices have been forced because of the present state of the economy and some just look at the world differently now.  Whatever the reason, it takes … [Read more...]

Jenny Mannion's Courage to Heal

I have a friend Jenny who found the courage to heal herself of chronic pain. Here is a small bio on Jenny and  an article from Jenny's website that I know you will enjoy, about a blind boy who can see, in some ways better than you and I.  Jenny represents Living in Courage to me, so I am excited and … [Read more...]

Use Courage to Motivate Yourself

I enjoyed this video on Daily Motivation ( click on read more below to see video.) The message on this video is that every problem has an opportunity in it. When you have the courage to motivate yourself into action, it is easier to see the solutions. * Think big. When a challenge arrives, turn … [Read more...]