Use Courage to Motivate Yourself

I enjoyed this video on Daily Motivation ( click on read more below to see video.)

The message on this video is that every problem has an opportunity in it. When you have the courage to motivate yourself into action, it is easier to see the solutions.

* Think big. When a challenge arrives, turn it into a possibility. See the potential in front of you. If you think small, you will get small results. Step up to the plate with the intention of winning. Study successful people you admire. If you need a mentor or coach, find one that you enjoy working with.

* Create new habits for your home based business. Take a bigger bite. Act as if. Conduct yourself with the confidence people will expect when doing business with you. Participate, read, talk, learn and grow. Study the habits of highly successful people.

* Expand your consciousness. Think outside the box. Find new and exciting ways to expand your mind and the ideas you have for your business. Look at the tried and true, then add a twist or new spin that works for you and your customers.

* Stop the practice of procrastination. This will make you less productive. Understand what stops you and eliminate it. Learn to manage your time, as this will cut down dramatically on stress, freeing you up to be more productive. Self-discipline is key to success.

* Set goals that you can reach. Think big, but make sure it does not overwhelm you. Each time you step further than before, will assure your growth, expansion and confidence. No one can more forward while they are standing still. That is a good way to get run over!

* Improve your people skills. Communication with your customers plays a very important part of any business relationship. Make sure they know, like and trust you.

* Keep growing and never stagnate. Keep your interest in your business alive and fresh. Motivation is hard to achieve if you are not excited about what you are doing. When people can feel your excitement, they may want to get involved or contribute to your business in some way. Your excitement and belief in what you do will make all the difference in your success. Do something new and unfamiliar.

* Contribute to others. This is a great way to feel good about yourself and your business. It is also way to give back for all the help others have given you. Pay it forward. You will be rewarded in ways you can’t imagine. What would our world be like if no one had thought and acted BIG? The big thinkers have paved the way and delivered great things to the world. They were motivated and took action, many in the face of all odds. We should all challenge each other to think bigger, act bigger, dream bigger. Unlock your dreams and let’s see all you have to offer yourself and others.

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