Sheila Ulrich's Courage To Face Death and Find Life

I recently met an amazing woman named Sheila Ulrich through a mutual Facebook friend.  Sheila inspires people by living her authentic life, and has an important message to share.  I call that Living In Courage.  Sheila helps create a bridge between fear and life.  If you are in fear, take her hand and let her walk you to the other side.  As I have talked about often at Living in Courage Online, fear is a pesky illusion that the altered ego loves to trip you up with. Do not give it any power.  By using the power of love, anything is possible.  Sheila’s story “Facing Death, I Found Life” follows.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online.

Facing Death, I Found Life!


It wasn’t the familiar voice deep within, the physical exhaustion, or the collapsing career and relationships that got my attention.  No, for me it was an ultimatum, live or die.  But somewhere at the back of my mind, I had felt it coming; a lingering doubt, a faint premonition, whispers of a tragedy.  Facing my own mortality, I woke up, I found myself again, and I found life.

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Stage IV melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, invaded my body.  In an instant, my life changed forever.  My three young children stared in horror as their mother collapsed in fear.  That pain in their eyes almost paralyzed me.  Through inconsolable sobs, my heart ached with their pain.  They needed me, their mother, to help guide and teach them and share their lives. Even in the shock of the moment of crisis, a piece of me knew the opportunity ahead.  My responsibilities as wife, mother, career woman, socialite, and friend had consumed me and I was spinning out of control.  The conflict within had surfaced now in disease. I knew this was my opportunity to transform my life. I made a decision, a choice, I chose to live!  The urgency to teach my children about life and death sent me searching in multiple directions.  I was searching for the answer to save my life and to save my children from living a life of fear.

Doctors, tests, and surgeries became my way of life. The medical community had little to offer for treatment or preventative care.  My bodily pain was unbearable, but more than that my spirit was disguised beyond recognition. I felt confused, walking through an unending nightmare.  With so many questions and very few answers, I was determined to find another way. Then in a glimpse of a moment the whole world stopped, no sounds, no movement, and complete stillness.  The message filled my entire being, “Heal the Whole, Body, Mind and Spirit!” A sense of peace and knowingness so profound no words can describe followed.   It was then that my journey into self began. I realized that my inner voice, that hadn’t been listened to for a long time, was screaming to be heard.  Little did I know, my journey began at that moment, to find my spirit once again.

Alternative healing methods were introduced to me and a whole new world of hope and possibilities opened up.  I tried everything available; homeopathy, naturopathy, spiritual healing, kinesiology, yoga, etc.  Through each modality experienced, another piece of me was unveiled.  All my painful emotions and experiences, not expressed and discarded, were carried with me as an expression of who I was.  Each step along this journey led me to uncover more and more of my life experiences I was defining as me.  Who am I anyway?  One by one, I began to release all the good and ugly experiences of my life I had carried so long.  I began seeing the light once again of who I really was beyond this physical body.

I was transforming me, my life, while my family and friends clung to the old. Many messengers along the way guided and encouraged me to continue.   With faith and barely the strength to get through most days, I put one foot in front of the other and continued the journey. As another year went by with no evidence of cancer, I was certain I was traveling the right road.  Uncovering layer by layer of this old self was excruciating.  It was a journey through the deepest pain and the darkest hell. When would this misery end?  When would I be whole again?  So many times, tired, angry, and alone, I wanted to quit.  With little courage to battle alone, something inside nudged me forward.  That still, small voice that had been forgotten was still screaming to be heard.  The world had distracted me long enough and I began opening to the infinite knowingness within.  The pain became joy, the loneliness peace.  I saw clearly how I had created the pain and disease in my physical body to wake up and remember who I really was and my infinite potential. This growing awareness was an outward expansion of me.  I saw how I had created the roadblocks and limitations in my life that imprisoned me and how these roadblocks held me back from experiencing the joy, peace and happiness I had been searching for. I began watching myself create the suffering in relationships and experiences, and then knew that it was only in my mind, not me.  My mind was creating my suffering.  To let go is freedom.  I clung so tightly to past experiences and emotional pain because I thought it was me, but the me inside was really free.

The journey that I began to save my body from death became an integration of body, mind and spirit and a gift of awakening.  Every moment, I continue my healing journey; a journey back to self, a journey that never ends.  Every moment I create my life and continue to remember who I am and why I chose to come.  My life has changed forever and I will never be the same again.  I experienced death; death of my old self and a rebirth into the infinite creation of life. The experience of truly living each step of this journey was a gift so I could walk others across this bridge of life.  I share this gift with you, so you too can find LIFE! Many walk through time feeling a void or lack of purpose and meaning in their life. Don’t wait for a tragedy to hit to wake up and live your dreams.  Even in the darkest moment, there is a glimmer of light; a light shining bright enough to lead you to your next step.  What is holding you back from expressing who you really are and living your life in joy?

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Healing is restoring and becoming whole to live life fully.  Together we can heal no matter where we are in our life cycle or what our life circumstances. Listen to our experts as we lead you on a journey of healing ALL of you. Sharing amazing stories of healing and living life fully will inspire you to be Truly Alive. Most importantly connect with friends who remind you, you are never really alone.

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