Stand Up With Courage & Clear Purpose With Obama

What an Incredible speech! Barack Obama said millions stood up with courage and clear purpose and we somehow managed to change the world. There is the promise to end this war in 16 months. He talks of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Kennedy and how they led by principles, not by calculation, but by conviction. We the world are being summoned for a higher purpose. He talks of sending a message shore to shore to say “You matter to us. Our future is your future.”

I love that Barack Obama speaks of Martin Luther King and what he called “The fierce urgency of now.” America, our moment is now to Live In Courage each and every day and to support our President elect every step of the way. We have a bright new future. It will take time and it won’t be easy, but we are America. We are brave, strong and courageous. Be the light you came here to be. Shine your light far and wide. Barack Obama is shining for all to see.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online