Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Step out of your comfort zone, don’t you feel it’s time? I was talking to my husband Cody about comfort zones recently. We were discussing why people continue to do things that make them unhappy, sad or miserable or happy content and fulfilled, time and time again. He said, “The answer is patterns and habits. Most are created and developed in childhood, or developed as an adolescent/adult and can set the stage for a lifetime.”

We discussed how habitual habits and patterns begin in childhood and the more entrenched they become, the more difficult change is to make. We unconsciously absorb information as children through our sub-conscious, most of the time believing what we are told is true. Our subconscious becomes the program we run on until we decide to update the software.

The deeper the roots, the more difficult the extraction. If the influence is positive and loving, this can lead to happiness, self-confidence, success and a kick ass courageous attitude. On the other hand, if we are taught things that are negative and destructive without seeking to change these habits/patterns, we stay stuck in our comfort zone regardless of how uncomfortable that may be.

Moving forward in a hardware/software metaphor, most are born with a perfect framework of circuitry that is a blank slate for incoming data. Just like any Mac or Microsoft operating system straight out of the box, we have the capacity to download many forms of software. Our parents, our teachers and our peers provide the data for our development growing up. As we mature it’s up to us to take a look at our software. We have the choice to input data that will serve our best life.

At some point we need to become self-aware enough to change the software that will lead us to our greatest heights. It’s our choice as to what we program into our data base. When you hit the update button, be aware of what you’re installing, make sure it does not contain viruses that can corrupt your software program.  Is it positive, harmless to self and others, will it make a difference to all life? Choose selectively which download you wish to install. The choice is yours.