The Courage of Alex Walker – Age 11

Alex Walker is 11 and from the UK.  Alex is all about living in courage. A tragic accident with a toy last August left Alex severely burned on his upper body and face.  Three other children were injured as well.  Alex’s teachers did not think he would ever return to school, yet within 4 months, he was back.  That is courage.  What an inspiration this boy is to all who know him.  Alex is now involved in school safety on playgrounds (Playground Friend), and is helping to raise money for the air ambulance charity while representing his school in sporting events.  Alex is in a lot of pain and discomfort, wears pressure bandages, gloves and will be receiving steroid injections into his face soon.  This boy is confident, the face of courage.  We send you and your family love and send you wishes for your perfect health.  Thank you for sharing your beauty and courage to shine for all the world to see.  Here is Alex with him mum Melonie, who says “Alex is coping better than everyone else. Melonie also said that he was a quiet boy before the accident and now is much more outgoing.  We are here cheering you on Alex.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online