Time is Flying By, or Is It?

Agenda et lunette

Time is flying by, or is it? Our perception of time can get a bit skewed according to our activities. The day can turn in to a busy-mess, or we can be the calm in the midst of it all. A smooth day in the middle of a busy week is a blessing for most people, and the most they hope for. What if you could have a smooth day more often than not? Don’t laugh, it happens you know.  Seriously, no laughing!

Paying attention and consciously noticing new things, slows time down.  Being caught up in a whirlwind of activity has time moving faster than we can keep up with. How much do you schedule into your calender? Do you over-commit? Is there any time left over for you? Is your day a blur, or a blessing?

Thinking we are Superman or Superwoman rushing out the door in an attempt to do it all, makes for a non-effective superhero. You know what superhero’s do? They pay attention.

Ever notice how the hours seem to fly by when you are on the computer working? Checking our smart phones for emails, texts, or social media updates has become a compulsive habit for many, in particular the young. Our brains are like a whiling dervish. Yet, when we stop for a stroll on the beach, take a moment to be in stillness or look at the world with new eyes, we feel refreshed. Time slows down – it’s like a deep breath of fresh air filling our lungs.

Slow down, pay attention, notice the people and things around you. Take yourself off automatic pilot and keep in mind – your day will go as smoothly as you do.

Debra Oakland