Tom Lamb's Courage To Help Save The Giant Panda's in China

Tom Lamb has courage and a purpose – the nation’s endangered great panda population at China’s Wolong Nature Reserve. This was a home to to a large population of the endangered pandas.

On May 12th 2008, hundreds of Chinese school children were killed in a devastating earthquake.  The panda reserve was a few miles away from the epicenter of the quake. The reserve was preparing for some new modern construction for the breeding center, when the quake hit. Many existing buildings were compromised as well. Lamb said it will take at least 2 years to rebuild the villages and buildings at Wolong, as the Quing and Tibetan people who resided throughout the reserve lost virtually everything. For more information, please visit The panda’s natural habitat is threatened now from the earthquake and outside influences.

Tom Lamb is a Laguna Beach resident and multi faceted photographer.  Being into preservation, Lamb is the vice president of USCEF. This is a non-profit, non governmental, environmental agency in China that is largely responsible for the Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve and Breeding Center, which is virtually now unreachable by car or plane. Major destruction from the earthquake has destroyed roads leading in. To learn more about the projects and how to become involved in helping the panda’s, visit the site and give your support.