UPLIFTMENT by Nora Whalen

Uplifting yourself, others and the world up is all about rolling up your sleeves and being willing to get your hands dirty. This was a lesson I learned with my business partner Jessica Dewell. Two natural givers, we failed to embrace the gift of receiving – really receiving.

In partnering up in our latest venture, Jessica and I got our hands dirty with one of Danielle LaPorte’s exercises “Ask A Friend” amongst other team building exercises. Already being in sync with ourselves, each other and the Universe, we thought Danielle’s exercise would be a no-brainer. It’s always the things you think will be the easiest that really teach you a lesson. This process created an opportunity for compliments to be passed, heard and accepted. Jokes were shared, stories told, dreaming, accepting, understanding, loving and more. This quick, in theory, ten question exercise turned into hours of conversation. What happened? Upliftment.

Baring your soul, your nature, your thoughts and your heart to another is the greatest gift and often the hardest thing to do. I personally struggled with this for more years than I would have liked, but it’s part of the journey right? My coach and dear friend Meghan Yewell told me that “vulnerability is the greatest gift you can give another” and she is so right!

We’re told to give all the time and as rewarding and nourishing as that can be, it’s not complete without hearing, listening, and feeling what others are saying about us.  It is a two way street even if we try to avoid it. The higher we lift others directly correlates to how much we are willing to show others and really be there to receive from them, too.

Whether your parents didn’t raise you the way you would have liked, you have a failed marriage under your belt, you have lost loved ones, or the master plan you had for your life flew out the window when you were driving down the highway are no reasons not to open yourself up. It is NOT too late! Make the choice right now!

Finding the people who will love you even when you are at your worst can be challenging, but when you do it is an amazing experience. If you don’t have that person to reach out to yet, you have yourself. Uplift yourself in whatever manner your possibly can.

When you are able to connect with yourself then you have the opportunity to touch the hearts and souls of those around you. In loving yourself, you find the ability to love others so much more deeply. Through that new connection, your world opens up. Uplifting others lifts your up higher!

You have the opportunity to change the world by embracing you and there is no great gift than you. While at times it might not feel like you have found your path, purpose, passion, or all of the above, there is a reason why you are here. You are here to change the world. Infuse the world with your massively big heart that might have been bruised along the way, but is still incredibly beautiful and beating just find.

You have the power to make someone else’s life richer. You have the power to improve someone’s else quality of life through your spirit, your words and your actions. You have the power to shine a spotlight on someone else’s desirable qualities. You have that power! Make someone else’s day on social media, leave a comment below on how Debra has touched your heart, write an email to a friend that might need a boost today. The options are endless and it costs nothing but a few moments of your time.

With Love,
Nora Whalen

Nora Whalen

Nora Whalen is an Co-Founder of Jess & Nora’s Infusion Principle, Founder/CEO of Nora Whalen International, a Life and Business Coach coaching business owners and success seekers around the world, co-founder of Women for Change Coaching Community, co-host of The Career Coach SIG, , Co-author of How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer: Career Strategies for Women and Co-author of the upcoming book: You’ve Got This! Learn more at www.NoraWhalen.com