What Is The Purpose Of Love?










What Is The Purpose Of Love – Steve Tallamy

I don’t mind admitting that ever since Debra told me that our Love topic this month was Purpose I have struggled to think of anything to write.  The question, ‘what is the purpose of love,’ has to be one of the biggest questions we could ever ask, it’s up there with, what is life and why are we here?  So I hope you can see why I was in a total quandary about it!  Before total panic set in I decided to spend some time in my garden (where else would I go in times of pending doom!) to tidy up the Autumn debris ready for the onset of Winter.

Whilst in my space of love I had my usual connection with nature …

I loved the feel of the earth as I let my fingers run through the soil.

I loved the knowledge that amongst the decay new life was being prepared.

I loved the smells and sounds of nature.

I loved the tranquility that filled my mind.

I loved the relaxation running through my physical being.

I loved the clarity of the Autumn light.

I was in love with myself, my family, my friends, my work, my environment; in fact I was in love with my life!

It was whilst in this beautiful state of mind, body and soul that love gave me the answer to my problem.  It was so obvious that I started to laugh at myself for even thinking that there was such a question as, ‘what is the purpose of love?’  Instead the imaginary question needed to be turned around and made into a statement, a Universal Law of Nature …

“Love is the Purpose!” I shouted, love is the purpose of everything!

Phew, panic over and I fell even deeper into love with Nature as I thanked Her for sharing such a simple yet profound lesson. If you love everything you do, everyone you meet and if you learn to unconditionally love yourself then you become the purpose.  Being and sharing your love to the best of your ability is all that is expected of you, no questions needed! It is the ultimate reason for you being here and for being who you are and there are no questions needed!

So whenever you are in doubt and feel the need to ask questions about love … Stop!  Turn your questions around and check your emotional guide, seek the answer there inside of you, that’s where love lives and it’s the only place the answers can be found.  My Love of Nature wrote this article, that was the (soul) Purpose of that moment in my garden.  Love and Purpose are the themes of this months newsletter and the Purpose of this newsletter is to enable Debra and I to share our Love with You all.  Live life with a purpose and make that purpose love!

Steve Tallamy