Life’s Inconsistencies & Conundrums

Life's inconsistencies and conundrums can leave us confused, angry, defiant, and feeling like life is spinning out of our perceived control. The outer world is the forum to lead us back to our inner world, where our true power lives and breathes. When we see beyond the illusion of what we perceive … [Read more...]

Who Are You & Why Are You Here?

Do you every wonder who you are and why you are here? What is your true purpose and if you accomplish it, do you question the impact it will have on the world? Our planet is filled with books, movies, songs and endless means of expression asking this same question. You and I live in a world of … [Read more...]

Is Powerful Passionate Purpose for You?

Is Powerful Passionate Purpose for you?  You may ask, "What kind of question is that?" The immediate instinct is to answer "YES, of course!" Let's step back and shine some perspective on this question. If you are acting out a live performance others think you should be living (never let anyone … [Read more...]

Live Your Life With Passion, Power & Purpose

Are you living your life passionately, powerfully and purposefully? You have the amazing opportunity to take your power back from wherever you may have left it, to live an extraordinary life. You came here for a purpose, just as we all did, and our passion gives us clues as to our specific … [Read more...]

Got Purpose?

"Tear down old walls of limitation and fear of success, choose to live your life with purpose on purpose." - Debra Oakland Got Purpose? Living a purpose driven life can take us down a long road of challenges. What is our purpose? Are we able to embrace our purpose when we discover it? Who do we … [Read more...]