How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On – With Passion!

Article by guest blogger Ande Lyons Passion, like happiness, needs to be cultivated within ourselves and within our relationships. I use the word passion a great deal in my work, and I love the feeling it evokes whenever I say it, hear it or read it. Passion can have many different meanings. What … [Read more...]

Live Your Life With Passion, Power & Purpose

Are you living your life passionately, powerfully and purposefully? You have the amazing opportunity to take your power back from wherever you may have left it, to live an extraordinary life. You came here for a purpose, just as we all did, and our passion gives us clues as to our specific … [Read more...]

Become The Master Of Your Destiny – Be Happy

What sings to your soul?  What is your passion?  I talk to people every day, who are reaching into their hearts, to find the joy, the passion that they know lives inside of them. Giving up is easy. Anyone and everyone can do that, and most do. Check in with yourself for some honest answers. Listen … [Read more...]