Become The Master Of Your Destiny – Be Happy

What sings to your soul?  What is your passion?  I talk to people every day, who are reaching into their hearts, to find the joy, the passion that they know lives inside of them. Giving up is easy. Anyone and everyone can do that, and most do. Check in with yourself for some honest answers. Listen to your heart. Be brave, live courageously by living the life you came here to live.

“The potential hidden within each of us is staggering. Shed the old layers. Devote yourself to something of value that sings to the passion in your soul. Now you become the master of your destiny.”
-Debra Oakland

People want to be happy.  It’s that simple.  It all starts with you, not “out there” in the world.  There is nothing that will make you happy for long, or satisfy you, if you are not happy inside. Take some time to connect with what brings you joy. Happiness is infectious, joy expands only when you are ready to embrace it. Be a willing participant. Become the master of your destiny.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online