Live Your Life With Passion, Power & Purpose


Are you living your life passionately, powerfully and purposefully? You have the amazing opportunity to take your power back from wherever you may have left it, to live an extraordinary life. You came here for a purpose, just as we all did, and our passion gives us clues as to our specific purpose.

Are you tired of sitting around ‘hoping’ things will change, or that something is going to come along to make your dreams come true? We’ve all been there, but now is the time to stand up and take a stand for your life. You are in control. Yes, you! We live in a world filled with cleverly crafted distractions and programming. Unless you say no to these outer influences, digging deep into the well of your inner influence and power where your passion and purpose lives, guess what? Nothing will change.

We are each magnificent beings living the human experience. Waking up to our magnificence, wakes others up to theirs. There is much (LOVE) work to do here and we need to do it together. This world has been in a dark place. We are light beings traveling the expanse of the universe, capable of greatness.  If one has this power, all have it.  Coming out of a deep foggy sleep wakes us up to the delights of the Universe.

I am not here to talk doom and gloom, but we are at the precipice of some very unpleasant outcomes, unless we shift our s***!  Deep down you feel this – it is palpable in the ‘outer’ world. What can you do? Reconnect with your inner passion, power and purpose in an intimate personal way. The answers you seek are not out there, they are in you. There is urgency in connecting to your magnificence. Defining yourself by another persons standards of what you ‘should’ be, do or become, will not serve your best interests if it goes against what you came here to be, do and create.

I urge you to take your power back. Go inside, connect with it as if your life depended on it. There you WILL find your passion and purpose waiting to embrace you.

Debra Oakland