Life’s Inconsistencies & Conundrums

Life’s inconsistencies and conundrums can leave us confused, angry, defiant, and feeling like life is spinning out of our perceived control. The outer world is the forum to lead us back to our inner world, where our true power lives and breathes. When we see beyond the illusion of what we perceive truth to be, things are revealed to us through our journey of exploration and curiosity. Keeping an open mind is magical. We all live on the same planet, yet experience life differently according our thoughts, conscious choices and actions. In this way we immediately collide with the reality of our conclusions. How our experiences unfold on the living screen of our life and how we deal with them – is ultimately up to us. In my book “Change Your Movie, Change Your Life” I talk about 7 Concepts for Courageous Change – comparing aspects of our life to a movie. I also talk about the collective movie we all create together.

Hate and fear are the great pretenders altering our perception. Love is the shining star of our reality. Sustaining and maintaining our inner world empowers us to live in the outer world with resolution and peace. We have the ability to wield great power and influence in this way. The Universe that exists inside each of us is immense. Think of yourself as a mini Universe here to express yourself in any way you choose. Anger, judgement, fear and hate do not look good on any of us. You are free to live your life any way you choose, it is your movie after all. I am suggesting that your life, and the world we share together, would be much better served if we use love, kindness, and powerful purposeful intent as our guide. In the movie of my life this is my preference, because it requires much less editing.

You want change? Then be the change. Getting caught up in negativity keeps people distracted and separate. Wherever you show up, choose to raise energy, not deplete it. I frequently speak about living, acting and contributing your best to life – from the inside out, versus the outside in. Instead of trying to control life, try consciously choosing the energy you want to express and live in. Imagine the possibilities and probabilities you will create. The world is full of inconsistencies and conundrums – this is it’s nature. Mediocrity is an unwillingness to change, but change we must to forge ahead in a positive manner.