Is Powerful Passionate Purpose for You?

where is my life going

Is Powerful Passionate Purpose for you?  You may ask, “What kind of question is that?” The immediate instinct is to answer “YES, of course!” Let’s step back and shine some perspective on this question. If you are acting out a live performance others think you should be living (never let anyone “should” on you) it may be time to rewrite the script!  Is your powerful passionate purpose the driving force flowing in, through and out from you daily? Are you around people who support, encourage and inspire you to excel in your chosen purpose?

Just thinking about the power of purpose is a great start and can create big shifts, if you allow the energy of that passion to take root. For a great many people, they do not feel worthy of living their dream. Can you imagine fearlessly opening your heart to personal powerful purpose? Since you hold the keys to free will, what’s stopping you?  Your life reflects everything you think, say and do. That can sound harsh, but in truth, you create it ALL.

No one to blame? Oh, say it’s not true! I have to take full responsibility for everything in my life? YES, if you wish to connect with “true” purpose and your reason for being here. To reach your destination the climb could get steep. Do you stop to rest, reflect and revitalize, or give up and turn around? You have a gift which is unique only to you. Your expression of that gift as well as the power behind it IS your purpose and when you embrace it with passion – YOU become unstoppable.

Take command, decide the outcome. Feel the passion of purpose, see it in full expression as you allow it to permeate your being and world. As you do this, you are plugged into powerful energy that will pull resources, people, places – everything you need, in the perfect time and space, to you. Struggle is not part of this equation because struggle and conflict comes from fear. Allowance and knowing-ness comes from love.

One vital lesson I have learned in life, there is a path of resistance, also one of least resistance. Choosing the path of resistance wore me out every time. The Universe was whispering, don’t go that way, it will lead you to disappointment, worry and fear. Huh, a clue and I ignored it! Today I choose the path of least resistance, the path of peace and love. Those who do not resonate with me, drop away from my energy field. I’m okay with that. Positive change and growth keeps things moving toward our highest and greatest good. People, situations and things that show up in perfect timing when I am in alignment with my true powerful passionate purpose.  This is true joy!

Take the time to stop, get in touch with the core of inner spirit. Be open to listening, for it has much to share with you. You are in charge of your life, make it a reflection of powerful passionate purpose. Once you begin doing this, no looking back, no regret and always a feeling of peace envelopes your being and world. The outer world no longer pulls on you when you live from the inside out versus the outside in.  Miracles await you my friend. After all, isn’t that what Living in Courage is all about?

Debra Oakland