Celebrate Love, Laughter and Life with Humor

Celebrate Love, Laughter And Life With Humor

Celebrating love, laughter and life gives us a warm happy feeling that just can’t be beat. Throw in a bit of humor and you have a home run.

Gratitude is a form of celebrating all in your life now, and all that is on it’s way.  I don’t know about you, but I can get very impatient sometimes. Sound familiar? Humor is a great way to alleviate impatience.

It helps to step back, take a deep breath appreciating all the love and moments of laughter filling our life. It really is the simple things that make us truly happy.  Walking around grumping about what’s not right, steers us away from what is going right.

It’s easy to let a few small irritations smother the bigger better part of life. Why is it that the negative things can seem to loom larger?  I attribute it to fear, doubt and that creepy feeling in the pit of the stomach no one enjoys.

When things are going great, we look back and wonder what the big deal was. One way of letting go of negativity is achieved through laughter. Humor is great medicine and it’s free.

Take some time to laugh, love and live a joyous day, moment to moment and notice the difference. The heaviness drops away and the light-ness of being comes in like a welcome friend.

Debra Oakland