Climb Your Stairway to Happiness

Climb Your Stairway to Happiness by reading David Leonhardt’s book – Climb Your Stairway to Heaven.  Everyone searches for inner happiness, but it is not something you can purchase or build.  David has written a book that is funny, insightful, full of great quotes and antidotes.   You will receive instructions on climbing the stairway to greater happiness.  Imagine becoming happier every day.  It really is possible to make your dreams come true. You will be taught nine habits that are achievable.  You will enjoy the pop quizzes, quotable quotes, and stories to learn by.  Most people like to learn while they are having fun, and this book delivers from cover to cover.

I quote David Leonhardt – “Many happiness books on the bookstore shelves are just some author’s personal viewpoint. That’s fine, if you happen to be extremely similar to the author. But what about facts? True, I include many of my own experiences in this book — in fact, that’s what inspired me to write. But I also spent three months with my nose in the psychological journals. This self-help book is based on both my personal experiences and the best psychological research available. I did the work so you don’t have to.

On the other hand, several happiness books are written by very knowledgeable authorities, but most tend to the boring side. Many even sound like a session on a therapist’s couch. What gives? Shouldn’t a book on happiness energize you? Motivate you? Inspire you? Pump you up? Shouldn’t a book on happiness be fun to read? So I decided to write a fun, energetic, and engaging book. Go figure!”

Book like this are inspirational, encouraging, fun, courageous, motivating, and give value to the reader.  I hope you enjoy this excellent manual on Happiness!

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online