Climb Your Stairway to Happiness

Climb Your Stairway to Happiness by reading David Leonhardt's book - Climb Your Stairway to Heaven.  Everyone searches for inner happiness, but it is not something you can purchase or build.  David has written a book that is funny, insightful, full of great quotes and antidotes.   You will receive … [Read more...]

"The Meadow" – A Book of Undying Love and Courage

"The Meadow" Is a novel about love, that covers many thousands of years.  A Tale of undying and eternal love, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the Universe through the expression of two people who live many lives over thousands of years. The authors Mike O’Hare and Elfreda Pretorius come from … [Read more...]

Slave Hunter By Aaron Cohen A Must Read

Living in Courage against all odds can seem daunting, yet Aaron Cohen leads the way. This book is a must read about one man's global quest to free victims of human trafficking.  Aaron transformed his life from drugs, partying like a rock star, with rock stars and all that goes with it, to a … [Read more...]