Slave Hunter By Aaron Cohen A Must Read

Living in Courage against all odds can seem daunting, yet Aaron Cohen leads the way. This book is a must read about one man's global quest to free victims of human trafficking.  Aaron transformed his life from drugs, partying like a rock star, with rock stars and all that goes with it, to a … [Read more...]

Aaron Cohen – A Hero Living in Courage

Human Trafficking is the world's fastest growing and most deadly enterprise.  Why?  It is more profitable than drugs, guns and jewels. Aaron Cohen is on a global quest to free victims of human trafficking and the slave trade.  His new book Slave Hunter tells his remarkable story in detail.  Few … [Read more...]

Courageous – Preventing Abuse Conference

I recently attended a Human Trafficking event in Laguna Beach where I met Tony Nassif.  Tony told me about the Preventing Abuse Conference he is organizing (details in flyer below.)  There is nothing acceptable about human trafficking, slavery, or these predators who abduct people for profit.  It … [Read more...]