Conscious Choice

Conscious Choice

“Take command, choose the outcome. Feel your passion of purpose; experience your role in full expression as you allow your purpose to permeate your being and world. As you do this, you are plugged into powerful energy that will pull resources, people, places — everything you need to you, in the perfect time and space.”

Debra Oakland


Your Power of conscious choice is activated by thought and leads to perception, understanding, logic, reason, courage, will, passion and enthusiasm. All these qualities are available and must be utilized in perfect synchronization toward the same goal and oriented toward the same purpose when we choose to live a life of positive purpose, productive impact, and meaningful permanence.

It can be a challenge to take personal responsibility for our choices and decisions. It is always easier to believe life happens randomly or that we are victims of circumstance; but it isn’t true. Adopting such an operational philosophy only leads to chaos, waste, and enslavement. Moving forward requires paying attention to even the smallest details. By making conscious choices supporting the varied areas in our lives, we begin to expand rather than contract. Tony Robbins says: “Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.” Thought provoking…

All life is energy in motion. Thoughts, feelings, and intentions are energetic frequencies carrying us into the experiences of our life’s living motion picture. One of our greatest opportunities is learning to direct this energy. Cause and effect determine how things manifest outwardly in our lives and are a direct result of how we manage our energy. Cause is our focused thought or the recurring habits of our thinking, feeling, and actions, which create effects or outcomes in our lives.

Whether you are in a good place or a bad place, where you are at any given time is based on a series of choices you made sometime previously in your life. If you don’t like where you are, make different choices. Take back control of your life. Become aware of the thoughts you create and the choices they engender. Your life will change when you decide to radiate the many qualities of Love out into the world. To radiate these qualities, you must first access them for yourself. You do this by daily making the decision to orient your intention to the source of your good. The decision to be present moment to moment aligns us with NOW — our Naturally Occurring Wonder.

There is magnetic Power in conscious choice. The final choice to externalize anything is up to you. There are two choices, love and fear. The Power of conscious choice sets you free. The love, wisdom, and Power in our Hearts will serve as a perfect guidance system. The best part is it is freely available for all who choose to use it!