Courage Required

As I sit here contemplating life, I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. The world is going through massive change, a global shift if you will. The question many ask, is, “How to move forward in these challenging times?” For each one of us, the answer needs to flow from within. What we see and feel, is as individual as we are. There is strength and resiliency in the human spirit. We are soul driven and desirous of living life to the best of our ability, whatever that may look like. This may show up anywhere on a scale from light, to very dark. The choice as always, is ours.

The world we live in has reached a critical point. Lines have been drawn, and division has created chaos. We let it happen. A collective choice. There is individual choice, and as a whole, collective. What is showing up in the outer world has been a long time coming. We are at a precipice, if you will. Not the first time by any means, but this time – we have powerful assistance. There is much that is unseen in the Universe. There is a shift of unprecedented importance coming, and not everyone is going to support this shift. We live in a world of powerful manipulation and control. Very few know their entire lives have been programmed in such a way to make them feel safe and comfortable. This allows a deep sleep on our parts, and keeps the status quo for those in control.

This status quo has been unraveling and it’s not going to be pretty when the shit hits the fan and fly’s in our faces. What will we do? How will we react? Follow like sheeple people, or use our voices to step out of the herd mentality to be heard? Everything happening, as sad and unbelievable as it has been, was essential for this massive shift to be put into motion and gain powerful momentum. Every one of our lives has changed. Not one of us has escaped experiencing all we are facing, and about to face. Great courage is required. I sound evasive, with reason. Each one of us must decide for ourselves our course of action. We all know people who have cemented thoughts and feelings. There will be a breaking point for many, as truths come to light that were hidden.

It is not for me to say what is right for you or what you should think. What I ask is that you keep an open mind when things begin to be revealed that you can’t fathom could be real. Living in courage has been my mantra throughout my life and continues to lead me forward with hope for a better world for everyone. We all want to be happy and live fulfilled happy lives, but if we move forward in the status quo, waking up (as it is time to do) may pass us by. My greatest hope is to see the world come together in courageous collective cooperation.