Dancing To The Tune Of Your Soul

Are you dancing rhythmically to the tune of your soul?  We all have a rhythm to our soul, through our breath, and the beating of our heart. Practice the art of being. Be in that space without doubt or fear. In this way, you remove the ego from your being-ness.  Allow love to permeate you.  This removes conflict between love and ego, which cannot co-exist in the same space at the same time.  The ego gets a bit serious and controlling.  Choose to make your “being time” fun, light and peaceful.  Become illuminated and remove the shadows.  It is more about allowing than chasing.  Go deep inside.

You never have to leave yourself to talk to your soul.  It is always right there with you. Home with you. There is no distance. Everything we need is already there for this journey called “LIFE.”  You may feel a stranger to parts of your soul.  Rea-quaint yourself with this deeper part of YOU, that can lead you perfectly.  This is your divine right! You are not helpless in this physical form.  You have all the assistance you need….a homecoming may be just the gift you need. A little courage, and a whole lot of love will take you there.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online