Feather – Purple Feather By Debra Oakland

I am reading “The Voice Of The Muse” by Mark David Gerson. For anyone who wants to write, I highly recommend this book.  It is not your average book on writing.  This teaches you to write from the inside out, not the outside in. You learn to answer the call, give your words a voice.

I chose a word as directed in the book, which came to me.  The word was “Feathers.”  I was then encouraged to pick a word randomly in one of four ways.  My word was “purple.” I felt the need to combine the two.  Here is the result of trusting my inner Muse.  I hope you like it.  I would like to thank Mark David Gerson for trusting his inner Muse in writing this wonderful book.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online

Feather – Purple Feather

Feather, purple feather.  Have you ever seen one?  I hadn’t until now.  It was my first exquisite sighting of such perfection. As it floated to the ground beneath my feet, I heard it’s song.  The softest of all melodies played just for me. My heart began to beat faster, my senses alive.

I felt an opening in my mind like a blinding light.  Sharp clarity holding me in its grasp.  I waited, not knowing what to do next.  My body began a dance unknown to me.  A rhythm stirred within me that felt familiar, yet ancient.  A smile crossed my lips as I surrendered to the moment.  Each movement became a celebration of Life.  I began to see beyond the veil.  Time was of no consequence, mattering not in the least.

Only the rhythmic music stirred my soul.  The movements of my body slowed as I felt myself wrapped in feathers. Feathers of purple flames caressing my body softly.  Such a deep contentment floated around me as I began to pluck the feathers from the space surrounding me, where they teased my senses.

I gathered them all up into a bouquet.  The beauty stole my breath.  I knew I would never be ordinary again.

~~ Debra Oakland