Generosity of Spirit – Someone Spiked the Punch!

You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn

During the holidays it’s like someone spiked the punch with goodness! We get drunk on it, but what happens when that buzz of gratitude and giving wears off after the holidays and you are left with a post holiday season hangover? As January 1st of the New Year rolls around and it’s back to business as usual, do you find yourself desensitized after all that giving goodness? Does your perspective change when you see someone on a street-corner with a sign reading “Hungry and Homeless” or you see someone in front of Starbucks wanting something hot to drink on a cold day? Here is my question, “Is holiday goodness a short term high, or is it something that you engender all year as generosity of spirit?” I understand we can’t help everyone, but we can listen to our inner promptings that guide and direct us.

My husband and I were discussing generosity of spirit and how prevalent this quality is during the holiday season. We tend to be more tolerant, involved in activities we may not take time for year-round. The holiday ‘spirit’ is an energetic magnetization, a feeling we grew up with, a time of gratitude, serving others, spreading joy and celebrating. Every culture has their holiday celebrations and follow a similar pattern. Generosity of spirit is a state of being, a quality within us we extend to others. In my mind it’s quite a courageous quality.

The holidays are not anticipated by everyone. There are people dealing with illness or suffering from loss and grief. All especially difficult during the holiday season. Some struggle to hold down jobs, pay bills and keep up with daily life. There are people living with loneliness, depression and isolation. How can we be a beacon of light for them?

Kindness is Key! Sometimes all people need is a sympathetic ear, an encouraging word or to hear a story that adds perspective in alignment with what they are going through. Some of the happiest people I know have a generosity of spirit that has nothing to do with money. Money is simply energy and how we direct that energy aligns us with it. Abundance is everywhere if we are open to receiving it. Generosity of spirit is sharing the goodness life brings our way. Look what happened to Scrooge – Transformation! Love and kindness do that.

Year Round Tips on Generosity of Spirit:

  • Give without anticipating anything in return.
  • Be mindful to extend kindness to yourself, just as you would extend kindness to others. It all starts with you!
  • Take responsibility for your actions by making conscious choices. Respect others for their choices, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle. It’s their life, not yours. Living your life as an example says more than mere words.
  • Be compassionate, kind and mindful in all you do as you give of yourself. It shows your humanity, letting others know you support them in living their best life.
  • Never be jealous or envious of the happiness or good fortune of others. Make your own!
  • Engage with your generosity of spirit. Allow yourself to receive. What you give out comes back.
  • Express gratitude when others support you.

50 Encouraging Things to Say to Yourself by my friend Melanie Greenberg