Great Article on Courage

A friend of mine sent me this great blog written by Steve Pavlina. In his blog he talks about living life courageously. Most people think courage is reserved for heroes, but in reality it is for everyone. I agree with what Steve says, I also believe we are all heroes in everyday life. The article gives thought to living and playing it safe, not rocking the boat, as most people have been taught not to take unnecessary risks and miss living life to the fullest. Remember there is a huge difference between recklessness and courage. Steve talks about courage being the ability to face down imaginary fear (which can paralyze you), by making different choices and not listening to that negative voice in your head. This is a great article to inspire change in your life.

In our day-to-day lives, the virtue of courage doesn’t receive much attention.

Stories of Courage are everywhere and need to receive tremendous attention. I intend to take you up the road with stories and articles of Courage from everyday heroes.