Honoring Caroline Reynolds

A dear friend, Caroline Reynolds recently passed away.  Caroline lived in courage, and was a special light to many people around the world.  One of her longtime friends Michele Knight wrote the words below on Caroline’s website.  I could not have said it better, so I am sharing Michele’s words with you. Michele  is creating a foundation, and plans to continue Caroline’s work – Spiritual Fitness.  I love you Caroline, and know your work is just beginning.  I am grateful to have met you, as well as many of your wonderful friends – you were and are, a blessing in my life.

Michele’s Message

After a long dance with her health our darling Caroline passed away on Tuesday, 23rd March 2010.

She was one of those very rare, dazzling spirits who knew the value of each and every second.  Having been told that she was dying some months ago, Caroline declared that she wanted to drink the juice of the last drops of life and to be in joy and give joy in those final days.  When anyone expressed shock or sympathy when they found out her condition, she always gently reminded them, “But we are all dying and the importance is to live with love and be love.”

True to her word, Caroline lived those last few months as she always had. She had the word ‘Joy’ emblazoned on her hospital door.  She radiated love, smiles and was a phenomenal inspiration to all those around her. Her unconditional love touched every soul that crossed her path.

In her book, Spiritual Fitness, she wrote, ‘Ask not what life can do for you but what you can do for life. Enjoy your life and you may be blessed on every step of your sacred and eternal journey.’ She embodied this sentence right until the end. When a doctor said to her, “I am so sorry you have been this unlucky”, she replied, “Doctor can’t you see how lucky I am? Look at the love around me. Make sure you tell people how lucky I am if they ask!”

Two days before she died she was recognized for the special, spiritual soul she is and was ordained as a Buddhist nun. Life was still giving wonderful surprises and she was fully present and delighted by the miracle of it all. She glowed with joy and peace. Caroline died as she lived; beautifully and elegantly, sharing her expansive love. She slipped away peacefully, surrounded by those who loved her.

She was a profound blessing in all our lives. I know that the next part of her journey will be done with her usual enthusiasm and relish. She saw death not as an ending, but the next part of an exciting adventure and she leaves behind an incredible legacy of love and wisdom for the art of living.

All of us who met her will remember her in a thousand fond and wonderful ways. She was an amazing influence on us all. And fortunately for us all, Caroline’s voice will remain – not just in memory, but also with fresh inspiration. During her final months, she was writing a book, intent on sharing some of the miracles of her journey with her.  This is not a goodbye.  This is a joyful, excited message to watch this space.

Link to Caroline’s blog – http://www.carolinereynolds.com/