How To Create Amazing Joy That Lasts

How To Create Amazing Joy That Lasts

Be the master of your destiny

Our greatest joy is in creating, so when you create a life of joy intentionally – you have created something that lasts. First matter at hand and most important is Conscious Choice. Every choice you make in each moment of the day molds and shapes your life.

Life is a stage, where your “reel” movie lives and breathes

As it plays out year after year, what and who do you desire on the stage of your life? As I wrote in my book Change Your Movie, Change Your Life, “It feels good to be the “conscious” writer, director, and producer of your own movie. The personal experience you gain by living through the trials and challenges in your life gives you a voice and a perspective you would not have had otherwise. It is wisdom. Unlike theory or book knowledge, wisdom can only be gained through experience.”

Think of yourself as a screenwriter/producer who receives a thought

At the moment of inception, we choose whether or not to acknowledge and accept the thought. This choice is made on the subconscious level and is usually the result of our personal programming. Our programming comes from our parents, peers, authority figures, environment and our own self- talk. It may be deeply ingrained from early childhood, but it is transformable.

Decision 1 – Once the choice is made to accept the thought, it is then perceived and evaluated.

Decision 2 – It is at this point the thought-form enters our consciousness, and we determine if the thought is logical and reasonable within the framework our programming has constructed.

Decision 3 – If we decide the thought-form fits the construct of our perceived reality, it becomes the basis for our convictions, resulting decisions, and corresponding actions.

From the initial thought, we have gone through at least three decision points to create our movie script for living a joy-full life. The script contains the blueprint for the film we will use and the actions we will take to create a particular scene or a series of scenes for our life movie. The script now becomes joy or something less than…all the way to choices that can lead (by direction) to unhappy outcomes. When people feel as if they have nothing to create, nothing to contribute, unhappiness begins to permeate the body, mind, and spirit.

It’s never to late to create amazing joy that lasts

All life is energy in motion. Thoughts, feelings, and intentions are energetic frequencies carrying us into the experiences of our life’s living motion picture. One of our greatest opportunities is learning to direct this energy toward living a life of joy. Cause and effect determine how things manifest outwardly in our lives and are a direct result of how we manage our energy. Cause is our focused thought or the recurring habits of our thinking, feeling, and actions, which create effects or outcomes in our lives. Being creative contributes to our happiness and vitality. Think about how you feel when you are directing your life to create a life filled with joy. It feels exhilarating. It’s never to late to re-write the script.