Integrity & Honor Questions

~ What are your code of ethics?

~ Have you done an examination of where you live your life from?

~ What is your philosophy?

~ Do you live a full life, where at the end of that life there are no regrets?

~ Are you in integrity and honor with yourself?

~ Are you supporting something in another person that does not come from integrity?

~ Do you realize that when a person does not act out of honor or integrity, this can set into motion the same energy in another persons life?

~ Do people add so much baggage to their lives because they are not living in integrity or honor, with not only themselves, but the people around them?

~ What are the silent forces in your life that impact your reality experience?

~ Do you stretch you code of ethics where they are not honoring or creating integrity, sending mixed messages that come back as limitation in your life?

~~ What energy and feelings are you setting into motion that comes back to you as something you don’t recognize or want? Are you willing to look at that and change your old habits and patterns that don’t work for you?

~ How expanded is your consciousness? Are you willing to expand yourself? Is there something in you that supports doubt and fear? Fear of success, fear of failure?

~ Are you coming from a place you choose? If not, are willing to ask for help? Are you willing to listen?

You get to choose. Ask these 2 most important questions, What and Why. What are you doing. Why are you doing it. Listen and allow a flood of thoughts to bring you awareness.

Grab that torch of Liberty and Authority that comes with your life. Be the Force.




In Courage – Debra Oakland