Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. Yes, there are days we could argue the point, but for the most part life is pretty freaking awesome! Each day our energy shifts. What we do with that energy makes for a beautiful day or can break our day into pieces.

I’ve always wondered why we humans permit one negative thought to occupy so much space in our mind. Monkey mind plays monkey games, doesn’t it? There can be a hundred positives waiting in the wings, yet we put the “nagging negative” at center stage to hog all the attention.

What makes your life beautiful? It’s a hundred little things! They add up and = Happiness.

If you’re not doing what makes you happy, you become resentful. If you’re resentful, you guessed it – this does not = Happy.

Back to why we hold onto the negative. It’s human nature to want harmony. When someone disrupts our happy by doing or saying something unkind or untrue, it gets under our skin. The offense eats away at us for however long we allow it. Confrontation can create anger, and usually does. There are some who know how to hit our trip wires and do it for negative reasons. Not cool!

Your beautiful life stage belongs to you. Who are you going to allow center stage with you? Those “nagging negatives” can come from our past, family, friends, work or from something as simple as being cut off in traffic. Whatever sets you off, ultimately you have control over how that energy extends out into the world. The EGO will try to keep monkey mind busy – playing games. It’s your job to identify what triggered you and how best to respond as you shift yourself into a more positive light.

We live in a world filled with people who resonate to different frequencies and not all of them match yours. Letting go and moving on can be an emotional challenge, especially if it means letting go of people who no longer serve your highest good. Your emotional health, well-being and happiness is worth protecting. Life is beautiful, but it’s up to you to make it so. Choosing happiness over adversity gives us the advantage. Once we learn to respond vs react, there’s time to evaluate the situation and make wise decisions in support of a beautiful life.

[Tweet “”Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” – Alice Walker”]

Life is Beautiful Tips:

  • Make it a morning practice to center yourself as you pre-pave your day in positivity.
  • List what you are grateful for each evening before sleep.
  • Release, let go and flow with all you have set into motion. Live in the moment.
  • Don’t hold onto negativity. What you think about expands. When a negative though comes up, replace it with a positive.
  • What did you learn from experiences that set off your trip-wires? Did you respond or react?
  • The blame game is over, why did you magnetize a negative experience to you? When you allow others to dictate how you feel, you give your power away. If someone is offensive, let them know how it made you feel. Writing in a personal journal helps clear your mind. Your heart will tell you, pain is not your identity, let love lead the way.
  • Forgive everything. Nothing of a negative nature is worth holding on to and only hurts you in the end.
  • Stay curious and creative with a positive attitude and you will attract exciting adventures into your life.
  • Focus on things that make you happy and reward yourself for accomplishments achieved.
  • Miracles are everywhere, embrace them. See the beauty in others and choose to live a beautiful life.

Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. The poet Hafiz said it perfectly: “Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings. Run like hell my dear, from anyone likely to put a sharp knife into the sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart.”

Debra Oakland