Making The Truth Disappear

Building blocks that say fact and fake

Making the truth disappear is easy

People have done it since the beginning of time. From childhood we are inundated with endless advice and opinions from uncountable sources. When information comes at us in bits and pieces throughout our lives, we accept or discard what we learn. Finding our ‘norm’ or what fits into our perception of reality becomes our comfort level. There are people on planet earth that are very effective at making the truth disappear. How and why did “we the people” allow this to happen?

Critical thinking is essential to our survival. What will the outcome be? The past matters, because it teaches us how people accomplished the things they have, who they are, and their intentions – for good or for harm. What I love about this time in the world is that people are doing their own investigation…going deep, uncovering hidden truths. There is no illusion greater than fear. – Lao Tzu.

Keeping an open mind and tapping into the power of your inner guidance is powerful

Illusion is easy to create, so transport yourself into and past the illusion for a clear view. You may not like what you find – perhaps you will. Armed with information you will be able to move the barriers aside and decide how you choose to proceed. Our world is changing, and quickly. This next year is going to blow many peoples minds. The shift is now, ready or not – here it is.

We had to come to this point in history to take the necessary steps to live in a world where truth prevails. Will it be easy? No it will not. Throughout the history of this little planet there have been great shifts, creating peace and joy for some, and absolute hell for others. There are terrible things that go on in the outer world, We don’t want to think about, hear or see these things, as much of it is too painful to comprehend.

Where do you choose to align yourself?

The truth is going to come to light about things that will shock people to their very core. Some won’t be able to accept uncovered truths – others will rejoice. We are just another notch in the history books and how we conduct ourselves and treat others will determine how our history is perceived. I know it is the New Year 2022 and I could write a flowery article about how wonderful life is. That would be nice, but life is not wonderful for most people.

Our entire world is affected and rhythmically swaying in an attempt to make sense of what is true and what is not. What affects one affects the whole. This time in history will be one of the most pivotal ever recorded. I am happy to be here to witness everything with open eyes and open heart. We are just beginning a long arduous journey and if we come together instead of pulling apart, we will prevail.

Keep in mind, if the ‘truth’ is not what you perceived it to be, be patient, keep an open mind and do your homework. After all this is the school of life and this is your life. Live it courageously, with integrity and intention, which brings value to all life.