Meeting Scott Rigsby

Last night my husband Cody and I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Rigsby, who’s You Tube video is posted on my website.  Scott was flying into Orange County in California for a speaking engagement and invited us to be his guests. When you stand before a confident man who has achieved the level of success in sports that he has, it is inspiring, to say the least.  I have to say Scott is true to his mission and on purpose.  What an amazing spirit he has, along with a desire to make such a difference in people’s lives.  Scott was speaking about children on stage and mentioned that so many of the children he speaks to, most who have lost limbs, don’t feel unique. Scott tells these children they are unique and special in their own individual way and they love it.

That really made me think about being unique in our own way and that we each have a gift to share that no on else has.  Every one of us has so much to share with the world.  When we stand in Courage, there are very few things we can not accomplish.  Believe in yourself, because you are a unique individual that has value in this life.  Love Life, Live Life-get out there and kick some butt, starting with your own, if that’s what it takes to get you moving forward.  Look to people like Scott who have conquered all odds to achieve goals that encourage you to excel.  Thank you Scott.