Physicist Garrett Lisi @ Ted Talks

Here at Living in Courage, we love Ted Talks where some of the world's greatest minds meet in Monterey, California once a year to explore new technology and the people who develop and experience great things in the world. I hope you enjoy this video from Ted Talks and explore more of the available … [Read more...]

Sir Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This video is exceptional. The story at the end says it all. I hope you enjoy this video, it is a education in itself, as well as a comedy routine. Education Guru Sir Ken Robinson spoke at the "TED" convention, where 1000 great minds meet once a year in Monterey, California. I quote Sir Ken … [Read more...]

COURAGE – What does this word mean to you?

I have decided to add a permanent category to my website called "COURAGE - what does this word mean to you". I will post the comments I receive from people I meet out in the world or any comments you send here to the website. I will post your name and quote on what courage means to you. I know … [Read more...]

Meeting Scott Rigsby

Last night my husband Cody and I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Rigsby, who's You Tube video is posted on my website.  Scott was flying into Orange County in California for a speaking engagement and invited us to be his guests. When you stand before a confident man who has achieved the level of … [Read more...]