In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth.  Non-Judgment is an important part of self growth.  Self-judgment, judgment of others and the world, is learned from a very early age.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow up being taught to love yourself unconditionally, with no judgment of self or others?  We grow up clothing our thoughts in the form of words.  Many of these words are of judgment, blame, criticism, or just plain gossip. We are a product of our environment. There are times where it can be easier to judge others, than to take a hard look at our own life.  It’s the simple way out.  Judging other people doesn’t require intense self-examination.  Have you found that judging has made you happier, healthier or a better person?  No, of course not!

By choosing to grow and expand, there comes a time when we carefully and wisely select our thoughts, feeling, words and actions.  The old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” is very good advice.  Growth is obtained when we exchange the old habits for new ones. One of the best habits you can develop is non-judgment of self and others.  Since thought is energetic and creative, why not choose a stance of non-judgment that will serve to empower you.

It is difficult to develop trust with people when they know you are judging them. By choosing to be non-judgmental, you develop a safe comfortable environment for all in a respectful manner that empowers versus belittles. In judging, we only belittle ourselves, which serves us not at all.  I find great value in people who are not constantly judging everything in sight.  Breaking old worn out habits can be a challenge.  We must rise to the challenge with the courage of our convictions and take the higher road.  How about observing and listening.  If a judgmental thought comes up, let it go.  Don’t even judge your observations. By practicing, you gain skill and become competent at non-judgmental behavior.  You have diffused any chaos by non-engagement, where in the past it may have been another story that needed healing.  Be mindful. Your happiness depends on it.

Debra Oakland