Observing Life – All My Life!

Observing Life - All My Life!

I have been observing life, all my life. What I have observed is that we humans have developed habits from childhood programming that are very difficult to extricate ourselves from. If this is not a fact, why is the world no more at peace than it was thousands of years ago? Not to be morbid here, but I watch people continually separating themselves from each other in thousands of ways, all in the name of “set patterns” and beliefs. Politics, religion, orientation, race and the list goes on.

How does fear, control, judgement, criticism, blame, and gossip heal anything? It can’t. Love does not jive well with fear and the family of negativity. Most of the people I talk to are asking the same questions – Why is the world in such a mess? When will things change? How can I make a difference? Not hard to figure out if you’ve been paying attention. Observing can serve to take us out of judgement mode (emotional detachment is a choice) and set us up as “The Observer” where we can simply allow our senses to view the movie of our life on earth. The inhabitants of this planet, viewed from a great distance, must be interesting to say the least!

In 2002 I read a book by the the beloved late Wayne Dyer – Gifts from Eykis: A Story of Self Discovery. Imagine how an intelligent visitor from another planet would react to life on Earth.  How would they see us and the odd things we do? How would we welcome this visitor’s presence and views?  This story contains bits of science fiction, spirituality, philosophy and humor woven together with wit and wisdom. Wayne Dyer shares the gifts that Eykis brings to the people of Earth, compelling them to rethink their negative actions and live in the light of love. Eykis offers insightful understandings of humankind’s limitless possibilities.

My point is…..

You become the witness of certain behaviors and mindsets that are disturbing. Most people consume poor quality food and water. Cancer is on the rise, big pharma is growing into monster proportions as hospitals continue to grow in size to handle dis-ease. Wars are continually being fought, lives lost, nations separated, power ego’s expanding, corrupt corporations, Kardashian’s and the like being set up as role models, travel has become even more challenging, our ocean’s are contaminated along with everything living in the ocean, and weather patterns are in a tailspin. Election madness. We humans are transitory, but the worst part is that Mother Nature had been defiled. Need I go on? This is all a result of fear, greed corruption and power.

The other side of the coin is love. What does love do? Unconditional love does none of the above. Human love on the other hand does some despicable things in the name of love. How do we “WAKE UP” and stop the madness. Some people are even lulled and hypnotized into thinking things are getting better. They are not! Until enough of us take a stand together, life ‘as we know it’ will not exist.

What’s the answer? Everyone seems to have one. I’m just a girl writing a blog post. What can I do? How can I make a difference? For one, I can be the change I want to see and spread the word. People have been pitted against each other since the beginning of time. How do we stop the momentum? If we don’t Mother Earth will, as she many times before, shaking us off of her surface like fleas.

We have a choice, we have a voice. Together we can create change. It starts with each of us making conscious choices that matter. Imagine a world where everyone supports each other in local communities. We require pristine air, food and water to nourish the cells of our bodies – to survive and thrive. Our individual communities need to work together in support of the highest and greatest good of the whole. We need to disengage from everything that interferes with our beautiful energy fields. We can imagine it, but we need to collectively choose to live it. Everything we need has been provided by Mother Nature. The rest is just a story that keeps perpetuating itself by those who set up the framework of control.

We go on about our day and if it’s a good day, we feel like all is well with the world. We tend not to wish the best for those which we feel a sense of separation from. This only masks the problems which continue to spiral out of control. We humans, being kept so very busy, don’t have time to do what is required. What is required is to work on being unconditional love in all areas of our life.

I leave you with this thought. Are you willing to take a stand, to be responsible stewards of love? This truly takes courage and a willingness to stand up for what is right, not just for you, but all. Inside each of us lives the Love, Wisdom and Power to embrace the Unity, Oneness, Grace, Peace and Abundance we all deserve. If not us, then who, and when? It’s time to take a stand for LOVE.