Plain And Simple – Giving Feels Good

Recently I wrote two articles –  Recovering From Surgery With A Wicked Sense Of Humor Part 1 & Recovering From Surgery With a Wicked Sense Of Humor Part 2

Jessie’s Instagram posts, photos, and quips show her courage and tenacity to get through a rough recovery with humor. Christmas rolled around as Jessie continues rehab to become mobile and re-boot her life. We still help out a bit, and Cody loves walking Jessie’s dog Chloe in the mornings. After one of the recent walks, Cody came home with a card from Jessie’s parents Fred & Beth. I want to share this beautiful message with you.

Deb & Cody (Christmas 2019)

As you both know, there are times in all our lives when the shit hits the fan for real, and we are overwhelmed by the load on our shoulders.

What one can hope for as a parent, is that when their children have one of those times in their lives, there will be people who will somehow be able to step in and carry some of that load. Even then, what people of good heart may do will vary: some will do a little, others will do what they can, and still others will turn their own lives upside down, no matter what the cost, to carry their brother or sister. What you’ve done falls into that last category.

Our appreciation and gratitude for what the two of you have done (and continue to do) for Jessie is honestly beyond words. You’ve stepped in when we could not. You’ve not only carried Jessie’s load physically, but you’ve carried her mentally, you’ve walked with her, you’ve let her know she’s not alone. What an amazing gift.

As we celebrate the Christmas season this year, please know that it is precisely people like you, who are the true bringers of hope to our modern world. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Merry Christmas.

Fred & Beth

Jessie’s sister Anna and her parents were with her for as long as they could be after her surgery. They were amazing, and continue to be every step of the way. The reason I’m sharing this message with you is to talk about gratitude and service.

Plain and simple – giving feels good. As fellow members of humanity, it’s good to be there for each other, and a great way to move into the New Year 2020. Giving and service can be as simple as opening a door for someone, sharing a smile or hug, delivering a meal, or a hundred little things to lend a hand. Just think, you can transform someone’s day, especially when they are in need of assistance. You are the author of your life. Every day is a new page. Write a script that brings joy to you and into the lives of others. As they say, what goes around comes around.

Always give your best in everything you do because when you look back, you will know you gave your best with what you had and you will be so grateful for how far you have come.

-Melanie Koulouris