Randy Pausch Update

I want to keep you informed about Randy Pausch. Randy Pausch is Courage in action, as is his amazing family. Thank you Randy for teaching us so much about life, love, family and facing life's greatest challenges.  You are a true hero. May 2nd, 2008: Cancer spreads Yesterday's PET scan showed … [Read more...]

Randy Pausch Goes To Congress

Randy Pausch went to Congress to use his new found unintended celebrity that he received through the lecture at Carnegie Mellon University to speak on behalf of Pancreatic cancer. Randy urged Congress to provide funding for research to eradicate this most lethal cancer. … [Read more...]

Dr. Randy Pausch with Diane Sawyer

This amazing video with Dr. Randy Pausch is a moving live story told to Diane Sawyer. I loved the message he is conveying to people and a legacy he is leaving his children, as a blueprint to live by. We can all learn from Dr. Pausch and his valuable life lessons he so graciously shares. … [Read more...]