Declaration of Independence – 232 Years of Freedom

I was reading a Friday story from Bob Proctor I receive every week. The article in the story was written by Paul Martinelli about the history of July 4th. Here is part of the story: On July 2, 1776 Congress and 12 of the 13 colonies approved General Lee's Resolution for Independence, severing ties … [Read more...]

Randy Pausch Update – June 2008

June 21: The Congressional Record Back in the fall when I testified before Congress, representative Roybal-Allard hosted me,and she was also kind enough to have this very flattering entry put into the congressional record... Health-wise, I continue to regain strength in the hopes of trying … [Read more...]

Randy Pausch Goes To Congress

Randy Pausch went to Congress to use his new found unintended celebrity that he received through the lecture at Carnegie Mellon University to speak on behalf of Pancreatic cancer. Randy urged Congress to provide funding for research to eradicate this most lethal cancer. … [Read more...]