Say Yes to Freedom

                    Happy New Year from Living in Courage! “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” -Thucydides I wanted to share a bit of my year in 2011 with you, and to tell you that I am very excited to … [Read more...]

You Have The Freedom To Live Your Desires – Use It!

Article by Steve Tallamy Happy New Year everyone, I hope that this brand new blank page of your lives is filled with everything that you long for and brings you the freedom of peace of mind, body and soul that we all seek. Nothing could be better than making that your goal for 2012 - Freedom! In the … [Read more...]

The Pink Rose Holds A Secret For You

There is an ancient story of a wild pink rose of incomparable beauty and perfection.  The rose knew it had only a short life in bloom, so time was precious, magical really. The very essence of the rose entered into each passerby who touched the beautiful petals.  The rose held a soft pink with … [Read more...]

Use Courage & Albert Einstein

It is vital that each of us reach inside, grab our courage and free ourselves from self imposed limitation. We insulate ourselves against the world, forgetting we are all connected on every level.  Separation had become what we know.  This is our biggest limitation.  This earth is limitless, as are … [Read more...]

Seashells, Sand and Sun

Debra's Musings of: ~Seashells, Sand & Sun~ Three of life's treasures, seashells, sand and sun Filling the heart with memories of contentment and longing As the tide washes in and out we feel our life, ever moving, changing, flowing Contemplation flows full circle, back to the shore of … [Read more...]