The Pink Rose Holds A Secret For You

There is an ancient story of a wild pink rose of incomparable beauty and perfection.  The rose knew it had only a short life in bloom, so time was precious, magical really.

The very essence of the rose entered into each passerby who touched the beautiful petals.  The rose held a soft pink with streaks of silver running from its base to the exquisitely curled edges of perfection.  This rose held secrets, as all roses do, only this one was different.  This single rose held the secrets of freedom through the power of love.

Standing tall and gracefully regal in the light of the sun, Freedom’s Love Rose whispered to everyone passing by.  For those who heard the call and came forward, each found a different secret, unique to their needs.  For some it was forgiveness, for others it was healing, prosperity, health, kindness, peace and joy.  All day the little pink rose touched the lives of unsuspecting passers by.

The real magic occurred when a person stopped to touch and take in the fragrance of this special pink rose.  By the power of attention to the rose, each person was given the gift of recognizing their own love, light, abundance, beauty, freedom, courage, strength and perfection.  This made a space for the miracles deep inside their heart to unfold.  Recognition of this rose burst open the Flame of Love’s Freedom for those wise enough to see what others had missed.  Sometimes the best things in life are hidden in plain view.

I like to think that for some it is a rose, for others perhaps someone who is cold and hungry on the street, a butterfly fluttering close, the smile of a stranger or a song the breeze carries to you.  Love can be everywhere when we let it in.  There are many ways to unlock the heart and all of its amazing secrets, and most are in plain sight.  Like the beautiful rose who wilts and moves on, leaving seeds behind for more roses to bloom.  Everything changes, morphs and shifts holding secrets waiting to be discovered and shared.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online