Declaration of Independence – 232 Years of Freedom

I was reading a Friday story from Bob Proctor I receive every week. The article in the story was written by Paul Martinelli about the history of July 4th. Here is part of the story:

On July 2, 1776 Congress and 12 of the 13 colonies approved General Lee’s Resolution for Independence, severing ties between the Colonies and Great Britain for good. The next day, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife predicting that July 2nd would soon become a great American holiday. Congress then began to look at the Declaration of Independence. After several days of debating, word changing, and some content adjustment, Congress approved the document on July 4, 1776.

Today America celebrates 232 years of independence and freedom. Because these men did not let fear stand in their way, because they did not hesitate to make the right choice, American Citizens now have the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to practice any religion, the right to a fair trial, just to name a few.

Paul Martinelli

Happy 4th of July in Gratitude to all of you. Living in Courage – Debra Oakland