What is YOUR Truth?

Ray of light

What is your truth? We all have one. How would you describe yourself if asked? We see ourselves in a different light than those around us because we present parts of ourselves that suit moment by moment interactions. Through individual perspective people come to know us, but our truth always shines through.

Since I was a child, the one thing I looked for in a person was integrity. When someone was out of integrity, I felt a pit in my solar plexus that I couldn’t shake. It’s a barometer I have come to trust and value. Of course, we all see integrity differently according to our upbringing and beliefs, but it’s important to know your truth. The interesting thing is that one person will swear to you that someone they know is out of integrity or truth, yet that said person is not out of integrity or truth with you. Different levels of frequency and vibration. Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes. We must reserve judgement to be a well-developed spiritual human.

Where do your roots come from? How do you vibrate to the energy of others? We are energy, as is everything. If we run around spouting our absolute truth we more often than not end up pushing away those who might glean some value from our message. We need to have the ability to see the recipient of the information, not by our standards and beliefs, but where they are on their life’s journey. For example, you can’t tell someone who is severely depressed to be happy. They have to climb the ladder to happiness, stopping at each rung to experience the levels of awakening along the way. Not everyone is at the same place at the same time, and with this understanding you may or may not have to water down the message you wish to deliver, and so fully embrace.

The messenger must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the recipient to convey a meaningful message. To deliver our truth to others, we must be open to theirs. Listening is a true gift in a world where everyone wants to get their message across. Be patient, compassionate and kind. This is a busy world and everyone has a unique gift, a message of value to share. Be open to receiving that gift with grace and gratitude.

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If you only share your truth in private and put on a mask out in the world, you will be denying the world the wonders of you, and all you have to offer. When you enjoy your life with confidence others notice and gravitate toward you, people enjoy being around confident people who don’t allow others to control them. Embrace your truth, your creed, your purpose, tailor your life to your specific truth rather than following the directives of those who have no idea who you are. Ask yourself what you value most in life, what makes you feel strong, balanced and happy. Ditch the fear and embrace your highest good. You know who you are, so don’t let anyone take your power away, it belongs to YOU. I call that – Courageous!

Debra Oakland