Courage – Use It Wisely For Magnificent Results

How is your core? I call your core LOVE. Similar to exercising your body, if your core is strong, it supports the rest of the body. When you walk in the moment loving everything, your world is supported in all ways. That core reaches out to every other area in your world. Ask "What Would Love … [Read more...]

Be Kind by Sophia

I love this video of Sophia telling us to be kind. Being kind should be what you strive to do. All day. Every day. When you are kind to people, guess what? - they are kind to you. Imagine that! It's pretty much that simple. Thank God for the courage and wisdom of the wonderful children of the … [Read more...]

George Carlin Wisdom & Courage

As you know, George Carlin possessed Courage. It does not matter if you loved, disliked or ignored him. George was the real deal - Authentic to the core. He did not care what anyone thought of him and he was ruthlessly honest in his assessment of life. Here are some of his more positive and heart … [Read more...]