Courage Drawn in the Sand – Kseniya Simonova

This is truly a powerful and moving video that touches the heart at a soul level.  A story of living in courage, written in sand animation by Kseniya Simonova, who exhibits such power and intention as she moves us through this story. A requiem to those who died during the patriotic war. Kseniya is the winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent. Her work carries a serious message.

This next video is of Kseniya’s work and includes a personal interview. Feeling the sand is alive and has a story to tell – each carrying their own message, Kseniya beautifully projects this to us, as the viewer.  Kseniya is a very busy mother, model and sand artist.  She is preparing to collaborate on a tribute to Michael Jackson, and is busy preparing a one woman show.  This is a courageous woman, who when her family lost everything, turned to listening to the messages in the sand, in a unique and moving way.Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online