Courageously Eliminate Fear and Doubt!

When you tap into your Inner Power Source, you will find courage at the center.  This “source” of who you truly are, fears nothing.  The less evolved self, or the little “I” can live in fear and doubt.  It really is time to stop this bondage of our spirit, by living from the inside out.  Living from the outside in, is an old game most of us are tired playing.  It has been exhausting.  No one ever wins, and the game never ends.  Let’s create a new game.  One in which we all win by supporting each other.  When one wins, we all win. Games are supposed to be fun!

If you are of a mind set that someone has to lose, in order for someone to win, open your mind to a new way of thinking.  Courage speaks the language of “I Can – I Will.” Say “Yes to Life” and you will find life saying yes to you.  Doubt and fear must be removed from the game of life, before courage can act in it’s full empowerment.  What will you replace fear and doubt with?

Love and Light

Courage and Hope

Joy and Harmony

Wisdom and Confidence

Unity and Grace

Peace and Joy

Abundance and Opulence

Health and Wellbeing

Single Minded Purpose and Clarity

Make your own list.  Everyone has different dreams and goals.  Really think about what you want.  Why do you fear what you fear?  Is what you fear true? What steps can you take to release the fear or doubt? Ask yourself some powerful questions.  Use courage when looking into the face of fear.  Fear is a weakling, and only holds the power you give it.  By living from the inside out, you are not giving your power away.  By choosing to create a miraculous life, you will expand.

Work with the principles of life that are your true nature.  Play the game of life to win.  Courageously maneuver yourself into a power position.  As you become an expert at playing the game of life, become a messenger, a teacher to others.  When you bring people into your game, they will learn that no one needs to lose.  That is one of the purposes of the game.  You will be able to provide your fellow players with insight, and encouragement.  They will receive invaluable wisdom into how to play the game of life, where everyone wins.  Inspire greatness in yourself, share it, and people will pass it on.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online